A little less conversation…


I don’t know if people actually pay attention to my blog that much but for those that do, let me apologise for my complete lack of posts this summer. Truth is that I still work part time this summer, so that I have little time to go to the cinema and even less to actually write about it. It sucks, I don’t mean to do it, but here we are. 

Instead of stressing each week I’ve decided to put my blog on hold for a little bit, to allow my self some time to catch up on my responsibilities and eventually build up a new list of blogposts so that soon I can start blogging the night away as I did before. It shouldn’t take very long, but I still wanted to make that public. Hopefully soon I can start bantering very soon again, so thanks already for the patience!

Yours truly 

(No, I have not seen Suicide Squad yet, but god, what the hell is that going to be)

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