Bad Neighbours 2 (2016)


Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Now in cinemas: The sequel we never really asked for. Starring that one comedy dude whose laugh makes me want to punch a baby, an Australian woman who makes you cringe every time she speaks up and the token hot guy that takes off his shirt for non-existing aesthetic reasons.  Welcome to Bad Neighbours 2 everyone, you’ve seen it already but Hollywood said fuck it, we’ll make the exact same film again. Enjoy.

Okay so copy and paste the plot of the first Bad Neighbours and voila, you’re ready. For those who didn’t see the first one (lucky you), here’s the plot anyway:  Mac and badneighbours24Kelly Radner are on the verge of selling their house and moving to the suburbs with now toddler Stella and another baby on the way. Before the house is actually sold for sure, they get put in a trial month, where the buyers can back out of the deal if they find anything wrong with the house. It is of course during that period that a popular upcoming sorority moves in next door, putting Mac and Kelly’s deal in danger. With the help of their old enemy, Teddy Sanders, who is trying to find his purpose in life, they set up a war against the college girls so they can secure their deal.

If you really liked the original Bad Neighbours and were like ‘dude I need like at least 2 more hours of this’ then Bad Neighbours 2 will leave you satisfied. Because that’s what it is. Two more hours of the exact same thing. Two more hours of jokes ‘that only millennials will get’. Two more hours of jokes that will only really make an impression if you’re stoned as hell. And yeah, since most cinemas have a no drugs-policy it’s getting progressively harder to reach that laughing zone during Seth Rogen films.  After years and years we should really start asking ourselves whether weed jokes are still a comedy highlight. I personally have stopped laughing at the majority of them since about the moment I got to know what weed was. Seth Rogen has made it pretty clear over the years he has smoked a joint or two in his life and no one is shocked by the concept anymore, so one of the last things we’re waiting for is the Hollywood comedy trope of ‘haha omg look at me I smoke weed 420 lmao’. Hiding 30 bongs from your house buyers is not funny, neither is spraying whipped cream onto a big clump of weed and selling it on paper plates. It’s just tiring man, grow up. Nobody likes a bragger.

The big change from the original is that the crazy college kids are now female instead of male, so it’s pretty obvious that they tried to go feministic in this one. Sure, it works sometimes. There’s this whole deal about frat parties being all about creepy, boner-enraged dudes, girls who just want to party whether they like wearing sweatpants or high heels, a party theme being empowering women, a room of weeping girls when they play badneighbours22The Fault In Our Stars on film night… it’s all a bit over the top but hey, they tried and it’s not something to complain about (truthfully it’s one of the better things about this sequel). Frankly they could have cut out the feministic rants from asshole things so they wouldn’t have to apologise for being feministic (I don’t think Maya Angelou would like to be associated with throwing used tampons into open windows) but hey, it’s a start. We can almost appreciate Chloë Grace Moretz and her girl gang.

The increasing problem in Seth Rogen films is that it tries to take us to the edge on the moral compass, but since Hollywood’s ideas of what is shocking and what not are bigger than that those things actually are, we’re kind of stuck in this weird state of limbo of like ‘Am I supposed to find this shocking or are my boundaries just gone’. Anyway, if you’re still into a big deal of 420 blaze it/sexy time humour along with a dash of slapstick (apparently it’s still SUPER hilarious to have people fall from heights on top of something) then you might want to go ahead and give it a try. Also if you’re really into Zac Efron’s sixpack then you won’t be disappointed because we haven’t been looking at it enough apparently. It’s the only thing he was good for in the film anyway, since his villain role is taken over by the chicks he is mostly there for some eye candy (cheers, ladies).  I wonder what Rogen will come up next. I bet it’s something with someone getting high in a nonconventional situation. Maybe with an unexplained llama in a room.





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